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Anna Bisi, Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Anna Bisi. I’m 17 years old and have been living in Latrobe my whole life. I've been playing soccer since I was five but I recently just decided to hang up my boots when I got hit in the head for the 7th time last fall. Last February I got my first real demanding job at Dinos working as a hostess. Since I'm coming up on my 18th birthday they started me as food runner as well as bussing, soon I plan to start waitressing. I’m really into art. I love everything about it, how you can express yourself just through art is so rad to me. I can't draw or paint the best but I can try. My art strength would have to be photography. I love photography and taking pictures, it’s a good stress reliever. Just a way to get away from problems and just enjoy the beauty of life around us. I think tattoo art is really really cool, I have 4, but most of them are covered by my shirt. Tattoos are cool cause they often require an explanation, you can't just look at them and know what they mean to that person. Expressing yourself is important and I think tattoos and pictures is a pretty rad way to express yourself.

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Anna Bisi