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I grew up here in PA, but spent the last 8 years in CA and just returned to finish out my Senior year at Greater Latrobe. It’s great to be back here-- seeing old friends (now we’re all a lot taller!) and making new ones. I have really appreciated the welcome (and the teasing about how I was on “red light” in 3rd grade), but most of all the incredible kindness of students, teachers and staff.

In the years that passed, I’ve become deeply rooted in my Christian faith and feel called to seek and speak the truth. I love writing and intend to pursue a career in journalism or law. Journalists today have a major responsibility to the people of the world and especially to God. With the corruption of truth, loss of patriotism, and disdain toward God, the world needs people founded in faith and truth.

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Ryan Young, Editor-In-Chief

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