Display Case: Marissa Larkin


Marisa Larkin, junior, is both an academically bright and creative ceramics student. She has taken a variety of art classes throughout her years in school, but found her niche with a ceramics class at the senior high school. 

High Post: What does art mean to you?

Marisa Larkin: It’s a way to express myself. I just make what comes to mind.

HP: What is your favorite medium?

ML: Clay is my favorite. 


HP: Do you have an inspiration? If so what is it?

ML: The world around me inspires me.

HP: What is your favorite thing about working with clay?

ML: My favorite thing about working with clay is being about to mould it into whatever you want. 

HP: What art classes have you taken?

ML: I have taken Ceramics 1 and 2. I also took trimesters in the Junior High, which included art.


HP: Any future plans for art? 

ML: As a career no, but I hope to continue on my own as an outside hobby.

HP: Can you describe some of your piece?

ML: This is my slab box.  It has a Christmas theme.  One side has gingerbread men, one has a Christmas tree with presents.  The others sides have Merry Christmas and candy canes.  The lid is white with a red sleigh.