Book Review:Percy Jackson

Kesean WIlliams

This read earned a place on my top 5 in 2011, and I have reread it several times since. Perhaps it is because the book is about Greek mythology–one of my favorite subjects. I would definitely recommend this to any other fans of mythology. But not the movies. For the love of God, DO NOT watch the movies, unless you´re a diehard. The novel–which is a part of a series–centers around a dyslexic delinquent who must venture into the world of gods, monsters, and half-bloods to appease an enraged lightning god and stop a civil war from happening. He learns that his deficiencies are strengths in this world, and uses them to achieve his quest. He makes new friends in the process, and discovers some that have been beside him in hiding. Many  critics agree that this work was a wonder meshing of ancient culture with modernity. So what are you waiting for? Go the the library and grab a copy!