Breakfast of Champions

This month starts the celebration of the Breakfast of Champions. Month after month, a morning breakfast is held in the Center for Student Creativity. Teachers from each department, such as Arts, Science, Mathematics, etc., choose one student for the year that they think went above and beyond the classroom and learning.  


For the math department, Mrs. Lint nominated junior Kevin Chen. “I had Kevin last year in my Academic Algebra II class, this year he’s in my AP Computer Programming class, and last year he was a very hard working student, he had high character and was very responsible.” said Mrs. Lint. Kevin also participates in Wind Ensemble, Jazz and Marching Bands, and is a part of the Stage Crew. This year Kevin is apart of the Link Crew and is the team captain for the BotsIQ team.


For the phys. Ed. department, Mr. McCombie nominated senior Zeke Baumgartel. “Zeke brought in a kindness to my class, that wasn’t there before he joined.” said Mr. McCombie. He also describes Zeke as soft spoken, but also takes additional time out of his day to help other students during his study hall. “He is a perfect fit for this position by allowing growth in a positive environment without intimidating others.”


For the science department, Mr. Richter nominated two students, who he thought were great leaders, juniors Joe Thompson and Addy Vavick. He described them as students who set great examples for the class and they bring a fun environment to the classroom, while also maintaining a good learning environment. Their willingness to participate in classroom discussions and attending tutoring sessions has inspired other students to do the same.


For the social studies department, Mrs. Olecki-Leeper chose senior Marianna Shrack. She described Marianna as extremely motivated and has great integrity. Marianna has worked with Mrs. Olecki-Leeper for three years, having her for homeroom during her sophomore year, taking her Law I and Law II courses her junior year, and being a student aid during her senior year. They’ve both connected on a personal level and she says that Marianna’s actions show her caring and thoughtful nature.   


For the arts department, Mrs. Mack chose senior Madison Kornides. “For me, Maddy is an easy choice for the Art Department’s Breakfast of Champion recognition. She possesses many of the developmental assets that will help her to become a success in life.” said Mrs. Mack. She also described Madison as highly motivated with a strong work ethic in the classroom and outside. Mrs. Mack says that the things that make Madison stand out are her wonderful attitude and personality that help her to achieve in her art classes and other academic courses.   

Joe Thompson commented on his achievement. “Being Mr. Richter’s champion was a great experience, it makes me feel good to think that he chose me as one of his best students for the year.”


Being apart of the Breakfast of Champions is an outstanding achievement for students, because it shows their dedication to school and their teachers and it is a good way to showcase their achievements and great way to start the school year.