Emily Weaver Balances Marching Band and Cheerleading

Emily Weaver Balances Marching Band and Cheerleading

Senior Emily Weaver is a determined individual who tries her hardest in everything she does. Emily is a well rounded student being involved in the arts, sports and clubs. Weaver is a member of Interact club, National Honor Society,and participates in her Church Youth group outside of work.

Religion is a main aspect of Emily’s life as well as something that she always can make time for. Weaver is an altar server at her church and volunteers within her youth group in her spare time. These activities help Emily remain true to herself.

Emily is also a varsity cheerleader, but she also participates in Marching Band.  Emily has been cheering since 1st grade when she decided to join Cowboys Midget Cheerleading and has been cheering every since. She has cheered on the junior high, JV and varsity level. Emily joined the Marching band three years ago and she plays the clarinet. This can be a challenge for her due to both activities being in the same season, as well as being apart of Friday night lights.

She handles all her extra curricular activities and her huge school work load well, during this stressful time of year.

Q: How do you balance your school work when you have cheer and band in the same season?

Emily: I work extra hard to get homework done early, due to having to stay on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the school from 2:25-8:30 at night before getting a chance to go home. I also take full advantage of my study halls to get all my work done on time.

Q: Where do you personally draw your inspiration from?

Emily: My biggest inspiration comes from my faith and trust in God. If something goes wrong or if i’m having doubt about anything, I turn and ask God what to do, and I just listen and it all falls into place.

Q: What would be your ultimate achievement in cheer and band?

Emily:  I am hoping to continue my cheer career in college and possibly become a cheerleading  coach along with my career so I can help other cheerleaders find their passion like I found. I’m also hoping to continue my marching band career, being that music has had such an influence on my life and i never want that to change.

Q: What is your favorite cheer and band memory?

Emily: My favorite memory from both cheer and band would be every home game when the cheerleaders sit in front of the band when we are playing our halftime show and they always try to get me to smile/laugh or even just look at them. Knowing how much the cheerleading team supports me when I perform means so much to me and makes me work even harder to accomplish a perfect show.

Q: What is some of the best advice you were given?

Emily: “ When climbing up the mountain barefoot, the may little stones hurt worse than a few big ones.”  I took this advice and found a deeper meaning towards it, meaning that the little stuff can hurt more than the major obstacles in life, but you have to move past them. Keep moving forward, and trust in God that he can keep you moving through it.

Emily wanted to add that she thanks all her cheer caches through the years as well as Mr. Sheridan. She says they are the ones who made it possible for her to be able to do both marching band and cheer. They are also the reason she pushes herself to be 110% in what she does, she wouldn’t be the musician or cheerleader s is today without any of their help.