Which Kardashian is Pregnant?

Maddie Stas , Staff Member


Many of you more than likely saw a meme scrolling through your Instagram feed about Kylie Jenner being pregnant. Countless bizarre stories come and go about the Kardashian clan, which leaves us with the begging question: Is Kylie really pregnant? 20 year old Kylie has been dating the 25 year old Travis Scott for only a couple months now. The couple seems madly in love based on their matching couple tattoos of a butterfly on the back of their ankles. The pair also have been spotted on extravagant vacations together.  But wouldn’t it seem like they are moving a little quickly to be starting a family already? Speculation began when a credible source, TMZ, reported on the pregnancy. A source close to TMZ claims Kylie has been telling her friends since the beginning of the month about the news. Another source reported to TMZ that Travis has been telling people how much his life is going to change now that they are expecting a child together. Kylie has also been posting multiple throwback pictures of her body on instagram, along with a picture of her in a really baggy shirt with her friends. Could she be hiding the baby bump? What makes this all very hard to believe is the fact that neither Kylie or Travis have made an official statement regarding the issue. Should Kylie Jenner be pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby?

Only two days after the announcement of Kylie Jenner supposedly being pregnant, now Khloe Kardashian is rumored to be expecting. More than one “credible” source has come forward, including US Weekly, to report on the baby news. Khloe is celebrating her new found pregnancy with none other than her basketball star boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. The two have been inseparable since they began dating during September of 2016. In a recent Kardashian 10th anniversary special, Khloe gushed about Tristan and explained how she is in Cleveland most of the time to be with him. In past episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Khloe has expressed how much she wants kids. She even went to multiple doctors to make sure it was even possible for her to get pregnant. Now that she is in the right relationship, and the timing is good, why not? Khloe has not come forward to confirm her potential motherhood status, so this is all speculation.

Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy is the only confirmed one. Kim and Kanye are already loving parents to their four year old girl North and one year old baby boy Saint. Being pregnant with North and Saint were both high-risk pregnancies for Kim. Having another baby would be very risky for both the baby and Kim’s sake. Kim and Kanye’s third child together is through a surrogate.