Zach Yesho-Down But Not Out


Raven Dupilka, News Editor, Assistant Editor in Chief

When he felt his leg pop he knew he couldn’t get up even if he tried. Senior football captain Zach Yesho got injured during the 2nd Quarter of the first game of the season September 8, 2017 at Gateway High School, Yesho got injured during the 2nd Quarter.

Yesho number 68, is the 6’3 , 260 pound starting left tackle for the Latrobe Wildcats. When the whole stadium saw him down, everyone was shocked. A deafening silence struck the stadium as the athletic trainer ran out on the field towards him.

Yesho was carried off the field by the trainer and grabbed by the paramedics. He was rushed by ambulance to UPMC East Hospital which was just down the road to get checked for any major injury. Unfortunately, the doctors concluded that his knee was dislocated and needed put back in place. Not only did they discover his dislocation, but also that his growth plate was fractured.

Having a dislocated knee and fractured growth plate meant being in a cast for about 6-8 weeks before having to go through multiple doctors’ appointments as well a possible surgery.


After the game, Yesho went to twitter to update all of his friends, family and community of his condition. Yesho received a cast from his upper thigh down to his ankle, causing him to use a wheelchair and crutches to get around until he is healed.


To some this is just another unfortunate football injury. But to Zach this meant not being able to finish out his senior year of football. Zach has loved football since he began on the D-team in GLAMFA football. Since then he has been working his hardest to become starting left tackle on the varsity team. Yesho not only achieved his goal as a junior, but was also chosen as captain this year by his teammates.

In a recent visit Yesho found out he had to get a operation performed at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. He received eight screws into his leg and a brace to keep it steady.

Recently the Tribune Review wrote about Zach and his impact on the team. Zach thought of it as a honor to even be considered to be written about in the paper, which hinted to Latrobe winning their home game in honor of Yesho.

The first home game against Chartiers Valley, the team rallied around Zach coming out with a victory of 48-26, which happens to be Latrobe Football’s first home game field win since 2011. Following the game, Zach received the game ball as the team celebrated the night’s big win.

Fellow teammate and senior captain quarterback, Jason Armstrong, appreciates Zach’s ever presence.

“When Zach shows up to the game the atmosphere definitely changes, the team loves having him around and it shows in our performance,” said Armstrong.

“Zach is one of the hardest workers I know and he is a great all around teammate. It’s saddening to see him hurt because he has talent that will take him to the next level still.”

Zach shows hard work and determination to overcome this injury as he plans to play at the college level. Before the football season started Yesho attended Joe Moore Line camp which he has attended for the last couple years now. Over the summer Yesho also attended Cal U and Fairmont State football camps, as well as the WCCA showcase. He is in contact with coaches from Cal U, Saint Vincent College, and Seton Hill.

Now even with his injury, colleges still realize his potential and talent, they continue to take him through the recruiting process. The injury might stop his playing time as a senior, but it can’t stop his budding future as a player.