Freshman Consider the Future Through Career Pathways

As a freshman, you are selecting a career pathway. What do you need to think about when making your decision? How did you choose? Where do you see  yourself in fifteen years?

“I would like to be a pastor or a mason because they are a career I love.”

Andrew Fry

“While making my decision, I think about what interests I have. I chose by looking at what careers my interests apply to.”

Isaac Backstrom Freshman

“I am not sure where I see myself, but I could imagine being an animator or film editor.”

Andrew Nagge

“You need to think about what you like to do. I picked stuff I like. I see myself doing something I like.”

Clay Petrosky

“I need to think about what subjects I do well in and enjoy. I choose by choosing careers I enjoy doing or it will have to do with what I like. I see myself being a veterinarian in 15 years because I like animals.”

Natalie Rodgers

“People need to think about topics and careers you would enjoy in 15 years. I see myself having a family and being a veterinarian because I like animals.”

Faith Yondula

“You need to consider having a career that you will enjoy but still be able to support a family. I chose a career that connects subjects I enjoy in school. I see myself with a family and a job as a physician’s assistant.”

Alexi McNeil

“People need to think about what subjects you enjoy. I chose by picking my favorite subject and connecting them to careers. In 15 years I see myself working as a chemical engineer.”

Lana Rossi

“I think about what I want to do when I grow up. I haven’t chosen yet. I don’t know.”

Dominic Panichelle

“I think it’s cool, I’ve known for a while though that I would be an aerospace engineer. I just have always been interested in it. I see myself working for SpaceX on the newest rockets.”

Keegan Shannon

“When making your decision you need to think about your interests and academic strengths. In 15 years I see myself in a job in chemical engineering.”

Eric Spillar