Keystone Country Hunting & Outdoors

Tate O'Barto, Co-Founder of KCHO

KCHO is an organization started by Tate O’Barto, Robert Davis, and Hunter Zitterbart. The three of us have been lifelong friends and are avid outdoorsman. One night I was looking for ways to be like all of my hunting idols on the Outdoor Channel, and I thought, “Why try and join an outdoor organization when I could start my own?”

So, I came up with the name of Keystone Country Hunting & Outdoors, Keystone because Pennsylvania is the Keystone State, Country to separate us from all of the “Keystone Outdoor” pages, Hunting to cover the sport of hunting, and Outdoors to cover the fishing and nature side of us. We also look to support any brand of company that wants to support us, AKA a sponsorship.

We are so grateful to have two sponsors, Muddy which deals with Safety harnesses, camera arms, treestands, etc.

We also have a sponsorship with Mahco Outdoors, who owns the brand that Dunham’s sells called Habit. Habit is a clothing line of hunting apparel.

How our sponsorships work, is that once a company wants to support us they will give us discounts on their products, in return they expect us to promote their brand by wearing it, social media advertisements, and including them in our videos and product reviews.

With all of this going on KCHO is always looking to expand our organization, we currently have our own Pro and Field Staff members, Our Pro Staff member is John Clark a 2017 Derry Graduate and our Field Staff member is Stoney Kepple also a 2017 Derry graduate. All new members to the KCHO organization start off with the Field Staff tab and once you prove to us that you can benefit KCHO you will get promoted to a Pro Staffer!