Zodiac Voicebox


After the zodiac signs shifted recently, what is your opinion of the change?

“I think my old horoscope better because it fit my personality.” –Francie Fazzini, sophomore

“I think it’s all in your opinion if your sign changes or not. If you feel like your personality fits the other one better, then it makes sense to change.” –Jessica Miller, senior

 “I don’t think any of it makes sense to begin with so I don’t really know.” –Doug Smetzer, junior

 “Personally, I am a little upset. It’s causing a lot of unrest and a lot of people are mad.” –Rich Schall, senior

 “I have no idea what happened.” –Jake Weise, sophomore

“I like the old ones way better. The new ones aren’t as good.” –Erika Hudock, sophomore

 “I think it’s a bunch of crap. Mr. Brandt explains it pretty well.” –Alyssa Widolff, senior

 “Lame.” –Keven Phipps, sophomore

“Umm…I like it a lot.” –Michael Brooks, sophomore

“I don’t think it really means anything. It’s just based off of superstition.” –Emma Firment, junior

 “I am indifferent.” –Adam Drake, sophomore

 “I think it’s ridiculous.” –Amberlyn Sacchetti, junior

 “I don’t use them.” –Jacob Artuso, sophomore

“It’s completely and utterly ridiculous and childish.” –Rachell Carleto, junior

“It is very nice.” –Emily Stiteler, sophomore

 “Why did it change? Now people whose zodiac changed lives are altered.” –Molly Bruner, junior

“I don’t have the same sign.” –Drew Hanna, sophomore 

 “I don’t like the change at all. I’ve always been a Scorpio and I’d rather stay a Scorpio. They should change it back.” –Kelly Dick, junior

 “I miss being a Cancer crab!” –Christina Casino, senior