Teaching Technology to Senior Citizens


Sarah O’Hearn, senior at GLSD, decided to create a new program for National Honor Society (NHS). Her plan is to have high school students teach senior citizens basic computer technology skills.

Sarah plans on teaching the senior citizens at Pershing Square senior citizen high rise in Greensburg. She hopes to have lessons two nights a week for three weeks starting sometime after March 21. With three or four other helpers, Sarah will answer any questions the senior citizens have ranging from e-mail to Photoshop.

Sarah met with Mrs. Pompelia to discuss her plans and to see if NHS would be interested in helping. NHS members need 20 service hours in order to be a member. In order to participate, the members will need to sign-up and three to four members will be chosen.

 Sarah came up with this idea when her family was searching for an apartment for her grandmother. One of the senior citizens at a duplex asked Sarah a technology-oriented question, giving her the idea for this project. Sarah decided to do this project in order to receive her Girl Scout Gold Award. The Girl Scout Gold Award is one of the most prestigious and celebrated award. In order to receive this award, the Girl Scout must either complete two Girl Scout Senior journeys, national programs based on leadership, or earn the Silver Award along with finishing one Senior journey.