Tri-M Talent Show

Tri-M will be holding a talent show on February 4, 2011 featuring junior and high school students.  The Tri-M Music Honors Society, also called Modern Music Masters, is an honor society comprised of musically talented students. Tri-M has 21 senior high members, some of whom will be participating in the talent show.

The event is open to any type of talent. There will be singing, dancing, and different bands performing. There will even be a comedy skit.

Four judges will decide first, second, and third place for both the senior and junior high participants. The first place winners will receive $50, second place $25, and third place $10. The judges are: Mr. Jordan- junior high band director

Mrs. Piper- retired Baggaley music teacher

Miss Stevenson- current Baggaley music teacher

Laura Spiegel- student judge

During the event there will be a delicious variety of cookies, soda and punch. The event is open to the public. The cost is only $3 for an evening of musical enjoyment. The event begins at 7:00 pm in the CSC.

 Participants Include: 

Junior High:

  • Michelle Kondrich- singing (7th grade)
  • Tim Squier and Matt Squier- comedy skit (8th grade)
  • Madysen Stauffer- guitar and/or singing (8th grade)
  • Sadie Mastowski- singing (8th grade)
  • Joey Marcinik- trumpet (8th grade)
  • Rachel Berger- singing (9th grade); Alaina Fisher- guitar (9th grade )
  • Jayden Moffa- singing (7th grade)


Senior High:

  • Fernando De La Cruz and John Campbell- rapping (10th grade)
  • Jake Shawley- guitar and singing- (12th grade)
  • Alexis Nale- ballet variation (10th grade)
  • Katie Fenstamaker- piano (10th grade)
  • Alex Kessler- drums (12th grade)
  • Erica Jiggets and Mykeea Smith- dancing (12th and 10th grade)
  • Linny Bauchman- singing, piano, and guitar (12th grade); accompanied by Natalie Nakles(11th grade)
  • Emma Firment, Jimmy Zimmerman, Zack Battaglia, and Ethan Greek- Talkin’ Trash (11th grade)
  • Doug Smeltzer, Jake Lejeune, Andrew Smeltzer, and Tyler Hudock- rock band (11th and 12th grade)
  • Travis Rozik- acoustic guitar (11th grade)
  • Tom Maroon- acoustic guitar, singing (11th grade)