Greater Latrobe Students Admitted to PMEA District Choir


Sara Cawood, Report

The PMEA District 1 Chorus consists of students from five different counties – Allegheny, Greene, Fayette, Washington, and Westmoreland. An Honors Choir, the chorus features the top high school choir talent from each county. To gain acceptance in this choir is a competitive process. The students perform a piece for a blind audition by being behind a screen or wall which allows them to be judged by nothing but their sheer ability, which they prepare beforehand. Two of Greater Latrobe student’s, Jacob Lubic and Spencer Simpson, succeeded in gaining a spot in the PMEA District 1 Chorus this year, a high achievement for anyone with a passion for singing and performance.

A festival takes place after the chorus is selected. The members are given separate pieces of music to learn and then come together to create a concert to perform for their parents after two days of practicing. Furthermore, the students are given a chance to audition for an even more competitive chorus, the PMEA Region 1 Chorus – a position both Lubic and Simpson qualified for.

“The festivals are so amazing because it lets us make music of high caliber with students with the same goals and interests as ours,” said Lubic of the experience. “It’s an amazing experience that has helped me grow as a musician and person.” Although Lubic has much talent for singing, he plans on going to school for accounting.

As for Simpson, he feels the same sense of accomplishment and for the experience. “It is truly a privilege to be able to perform such amazing music both at festivals and at Latrobe. It’s a life changing experience.” After school, Simpson plans to pursue a degree in history.

The boys attribute much of their success to chorus teacher Miss Surden, a supportive and motivating teacher throughout the years. Of all the talent that seems to constantly come out of the students of Latrobe, it is a true privilege to have had our own students, Spencer Simpson and Jacob Lubic, the honor of being recognized across the state.