Latrobe falls to Penn Hills


Jakob Kadagishvili, Reporter

Here we are at Penn Hills as the Wildcats take on the Indians. The first quarter started out intense with a lot of back and forth scoring from both teams, but at the end of the first Latrobe is leading by one.

Jake Biss starts out the second by knocking down a three pointer. On their next possession Austin misses his three point attempt, but Armstrong grabs the board and puts it back up nailing the baseline jumper.

Marcus with a monster block at the other end as a Penn Hills player tries to put it up. This is already his second block of the game.

Marcus gets the baseline pass and powers it home with a dunk to get the crowd energized.

Austin Butler with a spin move into the paint making it look easy for two. Austin is then fouled hard going for the dunk and is sent to the line. He misses the first one, but drains the second.

Marcus gets another pass inside and brings it home with a dunk. Marcus then gets yet another block, denying the Indians to score on that possession.

Biss takes it to the basket from the block for two to end the second quarter. At halftime the score is 37-34 Latrobe.

Latrobe doesn’t start out the third quarter as they planned as the Indians steal the ball three times for six points as they now take the lead 40-37.

Austin is then fouled and sent to the line shooting two. He drains the first one, but misses the second shot. On Latrobe’s next possession Bryce Butler drives in the basket for two. Reed Fenton is then fouled and sent to the line, he drains both shots. Reed cut the Indians lead down to just five points.

Nick Bobula grabs the rebound and gets it to Austin for the lay in. Austin is fouled and sent to the line for two. He misses the first shot, but drains the second one. As the third quarter is winding down Austin misses his three point attempt, but gets it back for two. At the end of the third Latrobe is losing 66-51.

The wildcats start out the third with a three pointer from Reed Fenton. Austin misses his three point attempt. The Wildcats are collecting a lot of empty possessions and with the den not coming alive things aren’t looking too good for the Cats.

Austin is sent to the line to shoot two, he drains both shots making the score 79-58 Penn Hills. Tony Aiello hits a three pointer as the game winds down.

Jake Biss is sent to the line. He drains both shots making the score 85-63 Penn Hills.

Nick Bobula hits the final three in the game. Penn Hills will take the win against Latrobe 85-66.