Latrobe Students Hit the Slopes with Ski Club


Sara Cawood, Reporter


The winter months are long, cold and often times it’s easy to stay reclusive and run out of things to do. When the air is frigid and it seems too cold to even step outside, staying cooped up in the house seems to become a number one priority – which makes it even more important to find enjoyable activities throughout the entire year.

Even to those not particularly fond of sports, skiing and snowboarding are great ways to stay active and break up the winter months. Greater Latrobe runs Ski Club, a program where every two weeks students who have signed up are transported to Seven Springs by bus at a discounted price. Ski rentals are fully available for those who need it, and people of all skill levels are able to join at any time. It’s guaranteed that there will always be someone to ski with – even if there’s not many people going on a particular trip or familiar friends, skiing is a sport for bonding and creating new friendships.

Club leader, Mr. McCombie, is in charge of keeping track of all the high school students and monitoring everyone while they’re on the slopes. However, the nature of skiing leaves a lot of freedom up to the students to explore the mountain and ski at their own pace and leisure. The bus leaves directly after school ends at 3:00pm and departs from Seven Springs around 10:00pm, allowing lots of time on the slopes as well as time to grab a bite to eat or coffee at Seven Springs’ lounge, the Foggy Goggle.  “Ski club is a great way to help kids pursue a lifelong sport,” says McCombie. “I enjoy skiing and being outdoors, and this club gives me a reason to do more of what I love. We are trying something new this year with an overnight trip to Snowshoe WV, this allows our students to add to their skiing portfolio.”

Senior Enzo Plaitano is particularly fond of hitting the slopes and has been a loyal member of ski club for nine years now, starting in just fourth grade. “I go almost every week,” said Plaitano, “it allows our school to go up and all ski together. Everyone should join – they will definitely have a great experience.”

Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, tubing, or simply relaxing inside the warmth of the lounge surrounded by friends, Ski Club allows all Greater Latrobe students to enjoy the luxuries of the summit.