Boys Basketball Latrobe at Hempfield


Jakob Kadagishvili, Reporter

Here we are at The Hempfield area High school watching the Latrobe Wildcats take on the Hempfield Spartans. Latrobe starts the night out good winning the tip-off to start the game. Latrobe, after being down 5-0 score their first basket for two. Jake Biss then hits his second jumper to make the score 7-4 Hempfield. Jason Armstrong has a nice lay in for another two points.

On the next play Armstrong is sent to the line on a shooting foul. He drains both of the shots with ease. The score is now 11-8, Hempfield still has the lead. Austin grabs his own miss and puts it back up with authority for two.

The next possession latrobe has Armstrong gets fouled and is sent to the line to shoot two. He misses the first one, as Bryce Butler is subbed in, Jason also misses the second one. Austin gets fouled and gets a chance to make it a three point play. He misses the foul shot.

Latrobe is still biting away at Hempfields lead as Nick Bobula hits a mid-range jumper for two, making the score 17-14 Hempfield. Austin again gets a rebound and puts it up for two. Jake Biss is lighting up the court with another jumper. With the conclusion of the first quarter Latrobe is still down by one. Score is 19-18.

Latrobe starts out the second quarter with the ball as Hempfield throws it out. Austin again grabs the rebound over the Hempfield players and puts it back up with power. Austin then banks in another shot for two. After that play Jason is subbed into game. Jake Biss misses a three point attempt, score is 25-22 Hempfield. Jake Biss then tied the game up with another 3-pointer. Jason Armstrong lays it in for two.  the score is 29 to 27  Hempfield.  Austin  scores to tie the game.

Jake Biss  with an amazing behind-the-back pass to Bryce Butler for two. Tony Aiello gets the steal and passes to Austin for an easy two points. Latrobe pulls away with the lead, 33 to 29 Latrobe. Austin gets the assist to Bobulas jump shot.

On their next possession Austin lays it in for two. At the end of the second quarter Latrobe takes the lead from Hempfield 37-34 Latrobe. Marcus gets the Den hype with a blocked shot against a Hempfield player.

Reed Fenton the gets fouled and sent to the line, he drained both shots. Jake Biss with an amazing fade away jumper to make the score 44-39 Latrobe. Austin then gets fouled behind the three point arc and is sent to the line for three foul shots. He makes two of the three shots to further Latrobe’s lead.

Reed drives into the basket with power, makes the basket, but doesn’t count due to a charging foul. Jake Biss then lays it in with a foul for a chance to make it a three point play. He sinks the shot making the score 51-43 Latrobe.

Jake Biss is fouled hard again, but powers through it and gets back up to go to the line. He makes both free throws.

A timeout is called for Latrobe. After the timeout Austin is sent to the line to shoot two, he makes both shots.

Latrobe keeps furthering their lead as Austin gets another rebound and puts it in for two. Reed Fenton steals the ball off of the Hempfield player that tripped him and brings it home for a power house dunk.

The score is now 61-45 Latrobe. Reed then drains a three pointer right in his defenders face, the crowd went crazy.

The Hempfield crown is now completely silent. We come to the end of the third quarter. The score is 66-47 Latrobe.

Austin lays in two baskets for an ease four points to start off the fourth and final quarter in this game. Marcus is fouled and sent to the line, he drained one of the two shots.

Bryce holds onto the ball in the paint and is still able to put the ball up and get the two points. The score is now 71-53. Bryce puts it in over a big man for another two points. Austin makes an impressive pass behind a player to jason who puts it up for two.

Austin then gets fouled and is sent to the line for two. Austin drains both shots to further Latrobe’s lead.

Reed Fenton with another amazing block on a Hempfield player trying to score. On Latrobe’s next possession Jason is fouled and goes to the line for two shots. He makes both of his shots.

Hempfield commits yet another foul on Ryan Shawley who is sent to the line. He misses his first shot, but drains the second one with ease.

What was a good game turned into a blow out as Latrobe concludes the game with a Victory with a score of 80-63 Latrobe.