Cennedi Fry

Cennedi is a very energetic person after she gets to know someone. Her name is pronounced as Kennedy. The traditional Gaelic spelled name means one who wears a helmet or helmet head. She loves writing and reading. She started a wattpad account for that reason. She has published several stories on the site. She wants to go to New York University and study English literature and creative writing. Cennedi also has plans to publish a novel before she graduates high school. She also loves to sing and act which is why she is in chorus. She has been in two musicals and plans to be in many more. She used to Irish dance and has won many competitions. She loves animals and has a cat named Castiel. Her favorite tv shows are Supernatural and BBC’s Sherlock. Cennedi has learned to ignore hateful comments and people. She loves to help people and make a difference in the world.