Semi-Annual Bike Trip to Ohiopyle Gives Teens an Appreciation

Semi-Annual Bike Trip to Ohiopyle Gives Teens an Appreciation

Jakob Kadagishvili, Reporter

Every year Greater Latrobe Senior High School has a semi annual bike trip-one in the fall, and one in the spring. This year’s fall bike trip was yet again “a success for both the students and teachers”.  The kids who went said that is was a once in a lifetime experience with your friends.

The bike trip was held at Ohiopyle State Park with a total of 22 miles, 11 down and back. Lunch is provided on the trip.

Steven Ludvik said that his experience on the bike trip was amazing. “It was awesome being able to go out and enjoy nature on a school day, It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to do something like that,” said Ludvik.

The people who went had a memorable and fun time. “I will always remember the great times I had on this trip with my friends,” said Ludvik.

The bike trip lasted all school day, they left school around eight o’clock that morning and got back to school around 2:15.   The weather on the trip was perfect, no rain or cloudy skies perfect for biking. “The weather for the trip was a bit cold on first, but as the day went on it got a lot warmer. It was just an overall amazing day for being outside with your friends and having fun cruising on a bike,” said Ludvik.

Overall the bike trip was a complete success. This kind of field trip will definitely happen again in the future. “It was exciting on the bike trails and there was so much to see not only was it fun, it was definitely worth the money to go out and take a day break from school to just relax and enjoy your surroundings,” said Ludvik. “It was a one of a kind feeling”.