Off the wall


Senior, Lauren Goodfellow is more than a student athlete. Being able to manage her school work, school sports, and outside of school sports was hard for her at first, but once she got in the routine of it, she was able to manage.

Most of us know Lauren as being on the lacrosse team but not all of her love goes to lacross, it also goes to horseback riding. She uses her free time to do another sport that she loves, and has interest in, horseback riding. Horseback riding takes up a big part of Lauren’s life. She’s been riding since she was six years old, following in her aunt’s footsteps.

She rides three times a week at Stonewall Stables in Derry to practice and get ready for competitions. She also does IED in the winter which is a competition team where you would have to ride a number of different horses you’ve never ridden before. In order to qualify you have to get enough points to qualify for regionals, and so on. Laurens personal goal is to make it into IED this year, and follow in her aunt’s footsteps.

“No matter how many mistakes you make, or how slow you progress. You’re still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.” is the quote Lauren constantly tells herself to get through the tough days, and come out stronger.