Featured Coffee House: The White Rabbit Cafe and Patisserie



In the center of downtown Greensburg lies a true gem of a coffee house unlike any other in the area. The White Rabbit Cafe, established in 2014, serves a variety of different locally roasted coffees from profile roasters (Four Barrel Coffee, Ceremony Coffee Roasters, 19 Coffee Co.) guaranteeing an authentic cup of quality coffee. All of the coffees offered are organic and Rainforest Alliance certified. In addition to a number of different drinks, lattes and teas, the White Rabbit serves each day a number of sweet and savory pastries, desserts and confections. All treats – as well as drink syrups – are made in-house daily from fresh ingredients. Vegan and gluten-free options are available. Another rare feature of the cafe is the latte art drawn on each drink – rosettas, hearts, and tulips!

The atmosphere of the White Rabbit gives off that of a bright and cheery environment while offering the comfort and warmth of a locally owned coffee house, with its bright green walls, old-fashioned yellow tin ceiling and a plethora of books to read and wall art to admire while enjoying a drink and treat. The shop is popular amongst the students of Seton Hill University and the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, as the calm environment is perfect to study and work in while also being a relaxing place to have a great cup of coffee and chat with friends. Baby showers, wedding receptions, and other personal parties have been held at the White Rabbit as well. Completing the shop is the record store below the cafe, Rabbit Hole Records, offering a wide variety of quality vinyl records at different pricings and workers with plenty of knowledge about the records themselves.

The shop’s owner, Tommy Medley, is often seen behind the counter working alongside his employees. “People come here because they know that we put the best into everything we do,” said Tommy.   

Sarah Ziance, a cafe “regular” said, “The White Rabbit is definitely the place I hang out the most. I really like the atmosphere, the people who work there,”  As for the food and drink options, she said, “They have a lot of cool vegan options, which is hard to find in shops around here. Also, they have so many different teas, which is great.”

The White Rabbit Cafe offers a unique experience that you undoubtedly will not find anywhere in the Greensburg and Latrobe area. Open Monday through Saturday from three to ten, there’s never a bad time to stop in and visit.