Debate Night

Ryan Cammerata, Reporter

Monday night’s presidential debate was just as entertaining and heated as predicted. CNN hosted the first presidential debate in Hempstead, NY between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton repeatedly took jabs at Donald Trump, quoting his own words and provoking him. Trump entertained the viewers by showing his weakness in response to Hillary by outlashing at, and interrupting her throughout the debate. Trump insisted on attacking Hillary, even when it would clearly come back to haunt him like when he criticized Clinton for leaving the campaign trail in preparation of the debate. Hillary responded with “Yes, I did, and you know what else I prepared for?” “I prepared to be president.” The debate started in slight favor of Donald Trump, but soon turned into a metaphorical boxing match between the two in which Hillary repeatedly knocked him to the ground. Trump frequently lost his cool, almost catastrophically at one point. He came very close to admitting he pays no federal income tax, saying that “makes (him) smart.” “Unlike the GOP primary debates, where Trump would often disappear while other candidates bickered, only to interject with a zinger, he had no other candidates or aggressive moderators to save him– and it showed.” said CNN’s Eric Bradner. Trump lied over and over on Monday night regarding some very important issues. The fact-checkers proved Trump to be lying when he denied his November 6, 2012 tweet claiming global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese. In a 2002 interview, Trump seemed to endorse the war in Iraq, a position he disagreed to in this debate. The fact-checkers quickly confirmed Trump to be lying again. Trump then falsely blamed Clinton for birtherism. He claimed murder rates in New York City are on the rise when they are in fact declining. The debate grew more and more heated as the hour and thirty minute time frame  drew to a close. Trump made an attempt to rebuttal the claims made about his refusal to release his tax returns by claiming he would, in fact, release them as soon as Hillary releases her 33,000 missing emails. This topic then quickly switched as the crowd cheered. It is apparent from this debate that this presidential race will only become uglier. September 26th’s presidential debate proved to be as brutal and comical as predicted, but will likely pale in comparison to what is yet to come.