Basketball Starters 15-16

Corey Gianotti, Reporter

Sean Graytok 6’1” Point Guard/Shooting Guard #12

Graytok is a pure all around guard. He can play the one or the two spot and can dish the ball, shoot from three, and drive. Very hard to guard

  • PPG-19.6
  • RPG-4.4
  • APG-4.2
  • SPG-2.5
  • 190/336
  • 57FG%


Jake Biss 6’1” Point Guard #24

Biss isn’t like Graytok, Biss is only a point guard. Doesn’t shoot the ball often but when he’s on the floor he makes everyone better by setting them up to shoot.

  • PPG-11.1
  • APG-7.1
  • RPG-4.4
  • SPG-1.8
  • 108/229
  • 47FG%


Austin Butler 6’4” Shooting Guard #4

Butler is the leading scorer out of everyone is WPIALS. Butler has unlimited range, he can pull up from anywhere on the court which makes him one of the hardest players to match up against.

  • PPG-26.0
  • APG-2.5
  • RPG-7.4
  • SPG-1.4
  • 3PT- 76/187
  • 41% from three


Ryan Soisson 6’3” Small Forward #21

Soisson is a good forward that can do a little bit of everything. The best part of his game is shutting down other players. He’s a great defender.

  • PPG-8.3
  • APG-1.7
  • RPG-5.8
  • SPG-1.3
  • 79/135
  • 59FG%

Tommy Kisick 6,1” Small Forward #52

Kisick is a streaky shooter but if you leave him open he’ll make you pay. Can rebound, play defense, and set people up for a shot. He’s a big mismatch for other teams because most big men can’t shoot.

  • PPG-4.7
  • APG-1.9
  • RPG-4.0
  • SPG-1.3
  • 44/118
  • 37FG%