Tyler Bryant: Competitive Cheerleader

Bryant and other cheerleaders take PA Rage by storm

Regan Quinn, Reporter

PA Rage, a new gym with experienced cheerleaders, is dominating at their competitions.  As they travel to Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, and Virginia, the team becomes closer as friends and teammates.  

“We’re very close on the team since this is our third year cheering together and some of us hangout outside of cheer occasionally,” said Tyler Bryant.  

The team is not only close to each other, but also the coaches.  The coaches are very proud of the team that was put together.  Tyler said, “My coaches get super excited when we hit our routine.  We can see them jumping up and down and throwing their arms around.  Seeing them so excited and proud is a really great feeling.”  

So far PA Rage has had two first places, a second place, and a third place, so their hard work has been paying off.  

The team practices about nine hours a week, and most of the athletes live around forty five minutes away from the gym.  Tyler said, “If you don’t come to practice you let your whole team down because everyone has an important part in the routine.  It’s a huge commitment since everyone depends on one another.”   

Tyler said, “The hardest part of this sport is to push through and try your hardest through the whole routine even though you’ll feel so tired.”

PA Rage works hard in and out of competition.  Seeing the judges sit right in front of them, watching their every move can be nerve-wracking for some of the athletes.  Tyler said, “I love being at the competition until we’re standing there about to get called to perform.  I get really nervous right before we go on.”  They have to make sure they do well so they don’t disappoint their teammates, their families, and their coaches.  Tyler Bryant, Riley Bacon, and Alyissa Baca, who is recently concussed are a few of the team members from Latrobe.  Pa Rage hopes to continue their success throughout the rest of the season.