Where Are They Now? Scotty Guzik, Class of 2013

Fran Piper, Editor

It’s a wonder where some of Greater Latrobe’s graduates have gone to in their life since graduation. Some join the military, others go to four year colleges, a few fall off the face of the earth, and many continue to follow their dreams. Some get a degree in favorite studies, pursue a career in aspiring talents, or some even open a business of prefered interest.

One graduate from the class of 2013 has brought himself a long way from simply taking art classes throughout his high school occupation to making a name as a local and skillful tattoo artist. Scotty Guzik didn’t necessarily see himself being a tattoo artist until he got his first tattoo when he was sixteen.

“I always loved to draw but never did I take it seriously or thought of being good at it. Creating something from your mind and onto a blank canvas drew me in and always interested me. When I got my first tattoo I really began to focus on my work and strive to get better. I went after it,” said Guzik.

He began tattooing about two years ago and in time had managed to score an apprenticeship at Sic Inc, located right in Latrobe on Main Street. An apprentice is someone who works alongside a skilled employer and who has agreed to work for a fixed period at low wages as they learn the trade being taught to them. Being there for so long, he had the opportunity to tackle different challenges and styles when it comes to this trade, increasing his experience and talent fairly quickly. A number of people from around the county, even in the Poconos, can show off their body art done by him. His major job responsibilities are taking images from someone’s mind and duplicating it onto their body, much like an empty canvas.
He explains “If I can make someone happy and give them something that they can love and live with for the rest of their lives, that means I did a job well done in my book.”


With much patience, time, and practice, Guzik had recently accomplished his biggest goal: to own his own private, one man studio. This has been his biggest goal since day one, “I’m living in my career highlight right now. I couldn’t be more happy with what I’ve achieved in my career so far,” he said. “And my advice to all who want to be in this business is draw draw draw. If you are really serious about it, take your work to shops and and beg for an apprenticeship. Show them improvement, it’s not about tattooing- it’s about your art. You have to have a passion for it or you will never get anywhere. Set a goal for yourself and go after it, that’s how I got to where I am today.”

“Goo’s Tattoo” is located at Norvelt Business Plaza, 3936 on State Route 981 in Mount Pleasant, PA 15674 and is scheduled to open Monday, October 19th. Schedule your appointments now, he’s booking fast.