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How to Enjoy the Snow


Have you ever been snowed into your house and have nothing to do or nowhere to go until the roads are clear? Last winter many students experienced this with snowstorms right after another cancelling several days of school. If you were stranded in your home last winter, throw on your snow pants and boots and say goodbye to those boring, depressing days! You can experience several exciting and fun activities with your friends and family in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Make this winter thrilling and one you will never forget. 

Build a snowman.

Grab a scarf, twigs for your snowman’s arms, rocks for the eyes and buttons, and a carrot for the nose. Have the entire family help roll the three balls of snow. Stack the snowballs up and add some personal items to add special touches! Make memories and laugh with the ones you love by building a snowman family that mimics those who bring the snowmen to life.

Make snow angels.

Have a competition with friends or family to see who can make the best snow angel. It is easy to do and the best part is, you can always erase it and start on a new canvas. Making snow angels never gets old for any age.

Go sled riding.

Who can reach the bottom of the hill first? Race friends for hours losing track of time by sled riding. Many students who live near Latrobe Hospital enjoy sledding down St. John’s cemetery near the church. The best part is speeding down the icy snow…not so much climbing up the hill with all of that snow gear. Make sure you bundle up first!

Go skiing and snowboarding.

Only 45 minutes away, Seven Springs and Hidden Valley allow you to show off your skiing skills down the slopes. There you can get a mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced terrain. If you are not ready for the slopes yet, you can get lessons to learn the safe and proper way. 

Go ice -skating.

Whether at Kirk S. Nevin Arena or the PPG ice skating rink in downtown Pittsburgh, get in the wintery spirit by ice-skating with friends and family. Laugh together, sing along with the songs, and giggle from falling and dragging your friend down with you. Ice-skating is an exciting and enjoyable activity to do during the winter season.

Drink plenty of Hot Chocolate.

Get warm and toasty from the frigid winter weather. Simple and easy to make, a cup of hot chocolate will surely warm you up from the inside out. Not only will it warm you up, it is delicious too!

Build a snow fort and challenge friends to snow ball fights.

Take cardboard boxes or buckets and pack them with snow. Flip them upside down and begin stacking the blocks of snow on top of one another to make your fort. Separate the group into teams and begin this fun and exciting battle. Use teamwork to knock your opponent’s fort over and to keep the snowballs rolling through the air.

 Make snow ice cream.

To make snow cream you will need eight cups of fresh fallen snow, 1 (14 oz) can of condensed milk, and one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Place the snow in a large bowl and quickly add the ingredients. Mix it all together and enjoy your delicious snow ice cream.

Go snow tubing.

Do you want to have a ton of fun on a wintery day? Snow tubing is the way to go. If so, visit Seven Springs for 12 different chutes without the long, tiring walk all the way up the hill! Hop on your tube and hold on tight while speeding down the hill.

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