GLSD’s New Year’s Resolutions


As the year winds down, many people are considering their New Year’s Resolution’s will be for 2011.

“I plan to be more organized because my school stuff is always a mess.”

Charlie Musik, junior

“I can’t commit to having a New Year’s resolution.”

Melissa Sinemus, junior

“I want to lose five pounds.”

Jordan Buches, junior

“I want to qualify for WPIALS in swimming and not be afraid of boys.”

Katie Douds, junior

“My New Year’s resolution is to improve my coloring skills.”

Sam Brooks, senior

“Mine is to actually get stuff done in study hall.”

Kaitlin Hill, senior

“I hope to take more time to do my school work.”

Gabby Wast, junior

“I am an anti- New Year’s resolution guy, once your reach the top, there isn’t room for improvement.”

Mr. Ferraro  

“I don’t have one because I can’t keep one. I’m also not creative enough.”

Jessica Doris, junior

 “Mine is to have more friends.”

Amberlyn Sacchetti, junior