Zach Kokoska Q&A

Catching up with future Hokie Zach Kokoska.


Junior Zach Kokoska recently chose to continue his academic and baseball career as a Virginia Tech Hokie.

Q: What made you choose Virginia Tech over other colleges like Florida, Coastal Carolina, and Pitt, just to name a few?


Zach: I knew as soon as I visited Virginia Tech’s campus that it is the place I want to be. Anywhere from the field, to the coaches, to the college atmosphere, I loved everything about it.


Q: You recently won MVP at a U16 tournament at the University of Virginia, how can you put that into words?


Zach: I just have to say that I had one of my best weekends in my life over that tournament. I just found a way to keep getting hits.


Q: Big game. Bottom of the ninth, would you rather be at the plate or on the mound? How do you handle pressure situations like this?


Zach: At the plate because it is kind of a “do or die situation.” I handle the pressure just by taking a deep breath and remembering it is a game that I am playing, and champions want to be up during these times.


Q: What is the biggest difference of the game from Latrobe to US Elite, your competitive AAU team?


Zach: Definitely the competition. Some kids I have faced are on the Major League level already, whether they throw upper 90’s or hit 400 foot bombs.


Q: What song gets you ready before a big game? What is your normal pregame routine?


Zach: Probably “The Warm Up” album by J Cole. Before a game, I’ll usually relax with my friends and talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the team we’re facing.


Q: How long have you been playing baseball? Who has been your biggest influence?


Zach: Since I have been five. My biggest influences are probably my father and my grandfather who was drafted to the Baltimore Orioles. They push me to be the best.


Q: How do you balance school work, social life, and baseball?


Zach: School work always comes first. Then, probably training and practicing for baseball. After that, if I have time left over, I will try to find something fun to do with my friends.


Q: What is your best baseball memory up to this point? What is your ultimate goal?


Zach: Definitely winning the Pennsylvania State Championship my 11 year-old year in Little League with my friends from West Point. My ultimate goal is to take my baseball career to the highest level possible.


Q: What one word or phrase do you want to come to mind when people think of Zach Kokoska?


Zach: Determined