Den and Band Debate

Luke Shriver, Reporter

In the heat of the football season, the Greater Latrobe Marching Band and Den have joined forces to rock the stands once more as “Champions.” This became a reality after a recent movement was passed to bring both the Band and Den closer. Most of the members within the band agreed on the movement of putting the band and den together, like they had been in the past.

In 2014-2015, when Coach Marrucco took over the football team, he suggested to move all groups back to the main stadium side where the two were now separated even further.

Sarah Weise, a senior member in the Drumline, was the “Ambassador” and who was in charge of the movement.“It is important for the Den and Band to be closer, to break the tradition of  being separated, and act as one unit to cheer on the football team,” said Weise.

During the past 2013-2014 season, the senior members in the Band weren’t allowed to do anything with the Den. Though all were close to one another, they did not all cheer as a collective group.

Mr. Sheridan, the Marching Band Director, helped make this year’s change a reality. On September 17, he was approached with the idea. After a short, good conversation, Sheridan agreed with what the members had to say and wanted to help them  complete the task at hand.

He talked to the High School administration board about the proposal of the move. On the very next day the Band shifted closer to the Den.

“It is exciting to see the Band, Den, and even the Cheerleaders as united energy to cheer on the cats these past few games. I was very impressed at the fact that so many students from different groups came together and proposed this idea,” said Sheridan.

Sheridan loves to see growth and change within, not only the band, but the school overall. “With this integrated section in the stands, the energy and collaboration of students is amazing to see,” stated Sheridan.

From a student’s standpoint the move was a joyus event to have finally come. “It was such a positive change that was wanted and supported by members in all groups. It made it so much easier for the Band, Den, and Cheerleaders to all interact and support the football team together, which made it a lot more fun. The atmosphere was totally changed, a lot of the band kids thought it was more fun than any game there has been in awhile,” said Lara Daigle, a senior member of the Drumline and band president.

She was not the only person to think this. Tara Konecny, a senior captain of the Cheerleaders, said, “The game was so much fun and to see the way our student body was all next to each other!”

The games are more fun, because the band no longer cheers alone. That’s the big difference than before, and what makes each game more enjoyable.

All cheer now in unison as the Cats play in a combined effort to Rock the hearts of all.