The Spacepimps Review

The Smiling Moose hosted five bands for an all- age event on September 12,2015 . The Spacepimps, Fire Starter, Danvils, Look out Loretta, and Survay Says performed  in front of an intimate audience of about 100  . The main band,The Spacepimps, is Pittsburgh’s band. Made up of three people that are filled with energy. Not only do they have a ton of energy , but so do their fans.The fans of the Spacepimps were moshing, crowd surfing, while singing every word.

The performance was overall pretty amazing and it was easy to tell the crowd enjoyed it by their smiling faces walking out of the venue. I know when I left I was going through an adrenaline rush. The show really boosted my spirit and left a huge grin on my face.

My favorite thing about The Spacepimps would have to be how nice and sweet they are. Recently, I became close with one of the members named Joe Harbulak, who plays the bass guitar. I met him at the very damp and cold Warped Tour this summer at First Niagara .

It rained the majority of the time and Joe was walking around with a free hug sign and an umbrella. I called him over and took that free hug from him and made him carry the umbrella around for me while we tried to tell people to come watch them play. I would have to say that was a great way to start an awesome friendship that still exists today. I just think being a nice person will get you far in life  and clearly for this band being nice has gotten them far and with that it leaves The Spacepimps with many fans.

Another reason why I would highly recommend The Spacepimps is because of their music. The music sounds like a Blink 182 cover band, but they also have their own songs. One of my favorite songs  I would recommend listening to is “Party Foul.” This song makes me want to dance and it also reminds me of the time Joe and I first met. Everyone goes through a breakup, so this song would be perfect to listen to and relate to.

If I were you I would go check out  The Spacepimps out because they are an awesome band with amazing music,  they have many fans that love them and you could be one of them, and they are great friends to have because you never know when you’ll need a hug, and  umbrella, or even both.