Night at the Museum Movie Review.

Night at the Museum Movie Review.

Rachel Geary, Staff Writer

Ben Stiller better known as “Larry the security guard” discovered that when the sun goes down, mysterious actions occur. Something in the museum makes everything come to life during the first original Night at the Museum. During the second movie, Battle of the Smithsonian,  wax figures that weren’t getting enough attention come to life like Robin Williams that played as Teddy Roosevelt.  One of the other characters stole the magical tablet that brings the museumto life during the night so people could come visit them.

The third movie, The Secret Tomb, the wax displays that come to life at night realized that mysterious things started to happen at night. At a special banquet to represent the museum, the animals, soldiers, cavemen and all of the other characters lost control of themselves and went wild. This was unlike them. As the movie proceeds during the night, the displays start turning to their original waxy state. These strange actions were really concerning all of the living characters throughout the night, so they decided to talk to Larry about it.

Larry didn’t take this as a joke. He talked to the previous security guard about if these kinds of behaviors. Stiller’s character revealed his dedication to the museum and everyone apart of it.

These movies show how history can live on forever. Even if the history is gone and can’t return, there are ways to keep it alive. Museums are for keeping history influencing others even when it’s gone. No one actually knows what happens at night… in any museum.