Lovebettie Rocks East Coast and Home Town


Vince Bonar, Online Editor

“Swagger rock” was born, produced, and perfected right here in Western Pennsylvania. It is known as a rock-pop neo-soul hybrid. The pioneers of this unique, new style of music has roots in Latrobe, Derry, Mount Pleasant, and Uniontown.

Lead singer, Alexandra Naples said “We created swagger rock, we’re not rock, we’re not pop, not soul, and not funk, but all of those things together.” Naples thinks that this unique sound is why Lovebettie was recognized as a “band to watch” by Rolling Stone.

Naples was a member of Greater Latrobe’s graduating class in 2004. In fact, she was a designer of Latrobe’s trademark mosaic located in the center of the commons area. Known for her artistic flair in high school, she expressed herself through paintings and even gave them away.

Mrs. Snyder still has some of her artwork. Snyder said “She was truly her own person, warm, bright, and very creative.”

Naples now shows her different style with her impressive bright, spiked red hairdo, which “has just evolved over the years.” This extravagant style matches her vibrant personality. She is a true rockstar, in both appearance and personality.

Developing an individualized sound is hard to do, but Lovebettie claims that it has just come naturally. They have been playing together for years allowing them to become more comfortable with each other on stage. Former bandname, “Myriad,” which is defined as ‘having countless or very many elements or aspects,’ describes Lovebettie’s sound.  Naples believes that their music is many aspects blending together, creating their own unique sound.

The band performs electric and acoustic sets, injecting different tones for each style of perfomance. They have showcased their talent in front of huge and small audiences alike. They won over the hearts of fans at Summerfest  in Milwaukee in 2012, the largest outdoor music festival in the world. At the end of the festival, they were voted Emerging Artist for that festival. Also, in August 2014, Lovebettie rocked the Sturgis Rally, an enormous motorcycle rally located in Sturgis, South Dakota.

They’ve opened for artists like Lifehouse, 311, Rusted Root, and Hinder. Lovebettie enjoys performing with artists like this. Naples is still friends with the members of Rusted Root and recounted a time when a band member asked Naples to help choose her outfit for the night.

Last year, Lovebettie entered a contest to perform at the Grammy’s. With help from their fans, they came in 2nd place out of 20,000 bands.

While maintaining a large public persona, Lovebettie still finds time to perform in their own backyard at venues like the Ramada and Mr. Toad’s in Greensburg and The Pier in Latrobe, Pa. nhf

The band played an acoustic set on January 29 at the Four Seasons Brewery located in town Latrobe. The venue had locals, young and old alike.

“I never thought in a million years I’d be doing what I’m doing now,” said Naples. Lovebettie’s success is proof positive that any one can achieve dreams.

Naples’s advice for those trying to reach success is “Put yourself out there in a very positive way, you’ll never get anywhere staying in your own little bubble of comfort.”

The band has ambitious plans this year, touring along the east coast. Lovebettie recently returned from the Virgin Islands, and enjoyed the trip. Check out this band while you still have a chance.