Snow Day

Makenzie Clark, Poet

I jump up from the cold,
a white blanket covering the ground.
Looking down I see a mold,
laying lifeless without sound.

Distinctive little crystals falling from the sky,
landing on our tongues, melting in no time.
Jogging up the hill we didn’t think it was this high,
But once you’re at the bottom you know it was worth the climb.

Soaked from head-to-toe,
Numb and red-nosed
We make our way home, to shed our wet clothes
Our faces all burnt from harsh wind blows.

We’re greeted at the door, by a warm delicious treat.
Gliding down our throats, with soft and silky ease.
Lighting a fire to warm our body, hands, and feet.
I never knew how much I craved 70 degrees.