Beginning of the End

Noelle Carota, Poet

I could feel the cold wind biting at my face.
My eyes slowly open to see the blue sea above.
No presence of sun, or clouds.
Shivering as I feel the heat of my body,
running out into the cold ground below.
Now sitting, I’m facing a field.
So dead, but so full of life at the same time.
A place so familiar that I feel like I know,
yet have no idea where I am.
Pushing myself to my feet,
a harder task than I remember.
One step back-
thats all I can move.

Something I had never seen before,
without a mirror anyways.
A girl. Lying there,
Same hair, same eyes, same nose,
Except mangled with scratches, and bruises.
You could barely see the resemblance.
Is this real?
I dont want to believe it,
but I know its happened.
The damage is already done.

The cool heat of the sun
beating through the windows
Driving, just last summer
to the place I loved to go.
Seeing my mom,
my dad, my friends,
my life, my memories.
The simple,
good times before leaving.

But everything I’ve done doesn’t matter
All the memories.
The time spent in that beautiful reality.
Its gone.
Its gone with me.
They matter to me.
But no one has the memories I have.

I’ve heard her cries everyday.
Everyday i’ve been gone.
The woman that raised me.
I wish I could wake up ,
tell her that im okay-
that everything is going to be okay.
I want to keep living for her.
Theres a hole in her heart too deep to mend.

I know its not possible,
theres no going back.
Not now.
Not ever.

It looks like this is the end,
but the end is never the end.
The end is the beginning.
The end is the end to a good life,
but the end is a beginning
to an even better one.