Helping Kids in Haiti

Helping Kids in Haiti

Rachel Geary, Staff Writer

Schools, organizations, and clubs all around the world that help out children who are less fortunate in different countries. Chemistry teacher Miss. Sirgey, Miss Fedor, and Mr. Richter asked students of GLSD to be philanthropist. Mrs. Orange is volunteering in Haiti to give medical attention to kids and take a bunch of toys.

“Anna Orange asked me one day if I would be willing to get involved with collecting toys for children in Haiti. She explained to me how her mom was taking a trip to the orphanage.” said Chemistry teacher Miss Sirgey.

“As soon as we returned from break I distributed the list to a few teachers.  These teachers were all happy to help.  Together we collected a really nice amount of toys.  I was happy that Anna approached me about this and was excited to help out in any way possible,” said Sirgey.

“Both, I thought the bonus would be helpful towards my grade, but I also thought that the items I brought in would help make someone happy and put a smile on their face,” said Junior Kaylee White.

“ The only way i’m involved is me and my sister are helping my mom pack the items and collect stuff she is going to take with her,” said Belle Orange.

It’s the little things that count. Thanks to Mrs. Orange for giving Greater Latrobe an opportunity to help out unfortunate kids and making someone happy.