Career Lunch: Law and Criminal Justice

Career Lunch: Law and Criminal Justice

Kayla Murphy, News Editor

A career lunch was held in the Center of Student Creativity on January 15, for those interested in the Law or Criminal Justice fields.

At the lunch a total of four different professionals spoke to students about what they do on a typical day, the ups and the downs of their professions, and how they got to their job.

Professional Scott Mears, attorney from Greensburg spoke to students about his career. Mears first went to the University of Pittsburgh and earned his degree in Philosophy, then attended Law school at Dickinson University of Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

As Mears spoke to students, he explained that when he first graduated law school he expected to be in the court a lot more, but in reality there is more paper work than anything. “Being an attorney it’s always busy busy busy. I work about 50 to 60 hours in a week, and at times can be very difficult,” said Mears.

In Mear’s success, he has had more trials than the county has had in the past ten years. Dealing with a lot of civil law cases, including real estate and automobile accidents, Mears is proud to say he has had 14 trials. With difficult decisions, Mears has definitely showed that hard work truly does pay off and explained to the students that success isn’t just handed to you, it requires hard work, and dedication.