Nicholas Sparks’s Safe Haven Relates to Real-life Relationship Issues

Nicholas Sparkss Safe Haven Relates to Real-life Relationship Issues

Rachel Geary, Staff Writer

“If you are reading this, then it must be true. He loves you. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, or else he wouldn’t of given this to you.” As Katie read more of the letter from Alex’s deceased wife, she now understands her role in being a mother and keeping the family happy.

Alex is the owner of a secondhand shop right outside of a bus stop in a tiny town located in North Carolina. She had learned that how she was living before wasn’t actually “living”. After being in an abusive relationship, her courage and determination to get away from her husband Gavin, a police officer, led her to a small town known as her safe haven.

Julianne Hough’s character really made this story inspiring. She voluntarily dealt with the mental and physical abuse her husband put her through every day. There came a time when she finally found her safe haven and her view on life changed dramatically. She learned what it was like to feel love and to be surrounded by happiness.

This small town beside the beach sets a vibe of a relaxing and secure environment. Everyone shared personal items or even gave gifts away just to make a nice gesture. A couple days after Katie’s arrival, Alex dropped off a bike in the middle of the night because he knew that Katie didn’t have her own car to drive. When Katie woke up the next morning, she was actually offended that someone would drop off a bike because she didn’t understand what it was like to receive something without asking. Throughout the movie, she finally understands the concept of giving and accepting something and saying thank you.

Her Safe Haven gave her a new start by entering a family and town that was full of love and generosity. Later on, Katie finds out that her husband knows her location, and he sent out a worldwide statement that she was murderer so that he could find her quickly. Alex was very confused when he found out the person that he fell in love with was a murderer. but he chases after her and convinces her to stay;This town was her home and he could also keep her safe. Alex’s love toward Katie made her feel that he would protect her, and that is just what he did.

“ I hope one day my family will finally be whole again”. As Katie finished reading the words, Alex’s wife reflected her acceptance that Alex has to move on with the right women. Katie finally found the family she deserved in her safe haven.