The 5th Quarter

The movie The 5th Quarter is based on  a true tragedy that happened to a 15-year-old boy named Luke Abba who lost his life in 2006. A fellow high school student was driving him and his friends home after football practice. After school, Luke realized he forgot his jersey at home so he called his dad, asking if he could bring it to him. When his dad dropped his jersey off to him, he would have never imagined that it was going to be the last time Luke would kiss him on the cheek saying, “Love ya, Dad.”

That evening a phone call from a friend revealed that  Luke and his friends had been in a car accident and they needed to come immediately to the scene. Luke’s family soon found out that Luke was in critical condition. They were completely devastated.

A couple months before the accident, Luke had gotten his permit. When he received his permit, he signed up to be an organ donor. With that being said, he ended up saving a very sick woman who was suffering with serious heart disease by giving her his heart.

The realism in this movie was great. Since this is based off of a true story, It makes the audience want to be more careful about their decisions and actions. Teenagers today really should be aware that anything can happen within the blink of an eye.

Jon Lukes older brother knew that Luke always looked up to him and Jon took that as a motivation. Luke’s football number was number five and Jon being on a college football team decided to change his jersey to number five as well. Everytime the football team scored or won, Jon would raise his hand showing five fingers at the end of every third quarter. The last quarter of each game was Lukes quarter, the fifth quarter, which stems from the title the fifth quarter. Every fifth quarter Luke was honored and remembered by family, friends, and strangers.

In 2012, approximately two out three teen drivers that died in a car accident were males. A total of 2,823 teenagers 13-19 died in a motor vehicle accident in 2012. Luke made a vast decision because the rest of his friends were getting in the car.  Little did he know, his decision indubitably changed his and his families lives forever.