Greater Latrobe Students Take PSAT and ASVAB Tests

On October 15, all juniors and sophomores had the chance to take the PSATs and the  ASVAB tests. Around 318 juniors were scheduled to take the PSATs in their homerooms. One or two students came from a different district to take the test as well.  Approximately 241 sophomores took the ASVABs in the auditorium, where teachers proctored carefully. For the first time this year juniors could take the PSATs for free of cost.

“The PSATs gave me an idea on what to expect on the SATs,” said senior Naomi Schwaiger.

The test can benefit students in multiple way. It can give the students a good idea on their strengths and weaknesses as a student. Students only have a certain amount of time to get each section accomplished to give the students the feeling of what the SATs will be like.

“I think I did pretty good. Reading was really tough, but overall the questions were pretty straightforward,” said sophomore Jake Etling. If sophomores want to take the PSATs they have the choice to pay the fee of $14.00. There were 80 students that paid to take the PSATs and they took the test in the cafeteria.

Sophomore students were able to take the ASVAB test. This test doesn’t just help you get into the military, but it shows an inventory of strengths and interests, pointing out which career choices may best suit them. “Yes, they told me what I didn’t know. For example, the automobile section.” said sophomore, Spencer Simpson. Simpson will probably not be a car mechanic.

“The ASVABs help students decide what college to attend and career interests to help you make good decisions.” said guidance counselor Mrs. Kuhns.

 Both the ASVABs and the PSATs tests will help students begin to get a feel for what they are interested in for their future. These tests can help students decide what college or trade school to attend, what career choice to make, and determine their strong and weak points. These tests will overall help students prepare for their future