If I Stay: Book Review

“How am I supposed to decided this? How can I possibly stay without mom and dad? How can I leave without Teddy? or Adam? This is too much,” said Mia. In the book If I Stay Mia Hall is left to answer if she should stay or leave her life after being in a tragic car accident.

Mia being a daughter of an old school rocker is a shy, laid back type of girl. Following her dad’s footsteps, she fell in love with playing the cello and more importantly she fell in love with Adam, a musician. They fall in love through their music.

Months after Mia and Adam’s relationship started, her brother, mom, and dad were going to their grandmas, since school got cancelled because of the snow. While they were in the car, they were bickering about which radio station they wanted to listen to.

Within a split second, mia saw a truck plunging into their car. She soon realized after seeing her body laying in a ditch, she is not inside her body anymore. Being outside of her body scared her. She didn’t understand why she was in the state that she was in. She didn’t understand why her little brother, her mom, and dad are now gone. When Mia arrived to the hospital, she saw her body suffering and her other family members hurting while they waited for Mia to wake up.

Part of her wanted to fight to live a full life like most teenagers do, but the other part of her was saying to just give up everything and go rest in peace with her deceased family.

Throughout the book, I was curious about Mia’s decision. Which decision relates to teenagers today. In life, decisions will affect people no matter what. Mia had to make a life- changing decision that will lead her world to a reality that she never imagined facing.

In reality, everyone is going to have unexpected obstacles in their path. After Mia’s loved ones came in to see her while in her coma, she made her decision. Upon everything that has happened, Mia found the strength left over in her heart and made the wisest decision in the end.