Scotty G’s Cooks to Satisfy

Scotty G’s is a local pizza joint that has been around for the past eighteen years. Opened Monday through Saturday from 10:30 in the morning to 10 at night and until 11 on Friday and Saturday nights, the family owned business flourishes. They deliver around the town for free while delivering to Youngstown, Baggaley, or even Derry Township with only the cost of an extra dollar.

Many discounts, deals, and specials are available every day of the week, except Sunday. The Monday special: buy a large plain pizza for $8.50. Tuesday: buy any whole sub and get the second 6 inch or whole sub for half price. Wednesday: buy a large pizza with 1+ toppings and also get a free 2 liter. Thursday: buy a large 3 topping for $14.99. Friday: get 2 large 1 topping pizzas for $19.99. Saturday:  get a large 1 topping pizza, large tossed salad, and a 2 liter of pepsi for $15.50.

Lunch Combos are available everyday of the week for $7.25. Most include a sandwich, french fries, and a can of soda. The shop does offer Lunch Specials for hungry workers and students on summer break. They differ everyday except for the constant Tuesday spaghetti special, $4.50 Dine in or $5.00 Take Out. Pizza by the slice is also on sale from 11-2 in the afternoon. Pierogi pizza is available on Wednesdays and White on Thursdays.

They offer different specialty pizzas, such as Honey BBQ chicken, Spicy BBQ chicken, Garlic Butter Chicken, Steak and Cheese, and Taco pizza. Regular pizzas come in different sizes ranging from a 4 cut to a 24 cut with thin, thick, or regular crust. Recipes can be changed to fit customers wants and needs. Even if a “mess up” occurs in any order. Scotty G’s is very generous to give back what a customer missed out on.

Customers can buy burgers and top them with anything for the price of nothing. Different options for specialty salads, such as steak, chicken, chef, and more. Not only does the pizzeria sell a smorgousboard of Italian foods, but they also offer sweets, too. Fried dough and “Cinnabites” are available with the choice of regular or cinnamon sugar.

The staff at Scotty G’s are  pleasant people. They work as a team to get things done and to make the food 100. When the weather brightens up menus are handed out all throughout town which include menus, specials, and coupons. So, look out for great deals on your doorstep.

Pick up your phone and dial 724-532-2242 now and enjoy the taste you’ll soon love whether it be delivery, dine in, or carry out.

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