GLSD Logo Contest

GLSD Logo Contest

School logos have always been a fundamental depiction of a school district’s values, while also portraying its students’ character. This important insignia adds to the school spirit around the school and community. The orange and black of Greater Latrobe School District is distinct and anyone who sees it knows what colors represent – Greater Latrobe Wildcats. The logo it is printed on school district letterhead, the website, school sports equipment and countless school spirit shirts. “The idea of a logo is something that immediately identifies with its organization,” said Mrs. Golden, Director of the Center for Student Creativity.

Although there are many logos throughout the years, there is not one specific one used across the district, on the website, on sporting team’s equipment, and other school spirit items. “Having a logo that is common to all buildings and programs will provide identity to GLSD,” commented Judith Swigart, Superintendent of Schools.

To create one unified logo throughout the entire district, Greater Latrobe is looking to its students.  “We are hoping for a logo that will act as a ‘mascot’ to unify and promote school spirit in the district,” added Golden.

Greater Latrobe is putting the task of designing original logos to students in grades 7 through 12. “Students in the junior and senior high school have unbelievable creativity and talent,” added Swigart. “We believe that as members of the system they have an insight into the programs in arts, athletics, and academics, far more reaching than others.” Golden agreed adding, “Students will add great perspective to our district with uniqueness and style as opposed to what a design company would do.”

When students begin to create their design, they are reminded that simple designs with clean lines will work best as they can be reproduced in a variety of ways across the district. Students who wish to participate should also adhere to the following guidelines. Designs should convey the message of the Greater Latrobe School District and the district’s mission statement: The Greater Latrobe School District shall prepare students to become lifelong learners and responsible, productive citizens. The logo design must be original; no clip art will be accepted.  The designs may be in paint, pen, marker, or a computer graphic, but not in pencil. In addition, up to three colors may be used. Students are reminded to think about school colors when creating their color design. The designs should be submitted on 8 ½-inches by 11-inches paper. On the back of the logo design, the following information should be provided: The date, the student’s name, e-mail and grade level.

All logo design entries are due by November 22, 2010 to either the junior high or senior high main office. “I am hoping that students really think about GLSD and how a logo they are creating inspires, identifies, and makes us unique,” stated Swigart.

Students whose logos fit the criteria and win the contest will have the satisfaction of knowing their logo will be used district-wide. “It will be something the winner will be proud of for years to come with pride that the district logo was designed by that individual,” commented Golden.

In addition, the first place winner receives $200, second place receives $100, and third place receives $50. “I encourage all students, even if they are not artistic, to participate in this contest and design a logo,” declared Golden.

Anyone with questions regarding the logo contest should contact Mrs. Golden in the Center for Student Creativity or through e-mail at [email protected]. “I believe this is a good opportunity for students to be individually creative or work as a team, commented Swigart. “I am looking forward to viewing the logos that are entered.”