Cher Lloyd: Little Girl, Big Voice.


Cher Lloyd, Carnegie Music Hall on April 1.

Cher Lloyd is the definition of the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Lloyd, 20, is a british pop singer straight out of the United Kingdom. Her sparkly outfits and two toned hair is deceiving because she is more than what meets the eye.

Back in 2010, when Lloyd was on the X-Factor, no one expected the 5’ 2” singer to have the voice that she has. Big, loud, and proud are three ways to describe it. She has a soprano voice that makes everyone listen. How could you miss it?

April 1, may have been April Fool’s Day, but Lloyd’s performance was no joke. Lloyd lit up the stage in Pittsburgh, produced by Brian Drusky of Drusky Entertainment, and put on an intimate show of a lifetime. Her girl-power attitude and spit-fire personality won the hyped up crowd over by the time her first song “Swagger Jagger” had ended. She has a genuine and unique spark about her. She danced across the stage and had every single person in their seats standing up, dancing, cheering, and screaming their hearts out.

Every so often, Lloyd would share stories that inspired her feminist lyrics and reasons behind her success. This portrayed Lloyd as a truly real person and reminded the audience that musicians and artists are in fact real people, not just inspirations, idols, or mundane beings portrayed by the media.


Lloyd shared two new particular songs that made people listen. The songs based around her father and recently wed husband based around the theme of “missing home.” It was something the audience could relate to, being that we all have to leave home at some point in our lives. The lyrics left everyone quiet, thinking about Lloyd’s emotion broadcasted through the stereos of Carnegie Music Hall’s auditorium.

As Lloyd broke down in the middle of her father’s song, it hurt to see her so vulnerable. She is such a lively and bubbly spirit that leaves everyone with a smile on their face. The ballad created a calm and peaceful atmosphere that was soon transformed into a party scene once again with a loud and proud new song titled “M.F.P.O.T.Y”

Lloyd is not only emotional and independent, but she is also passionate. She really put her heart and soul into each song. It was like she was singing them for the first time each time. Lloyd was enthusiastic and had a dazzle in her eye that made her seem almost in awe at times. She is “here [on stage] for a reason, and that reason is because I am most comfortable right here. I love being here.”


Cher Lloyd is definitely not the ‘Bubble Gum Princess’ that she used to be. She has evolved her image through hard work and dedication to performing that she’s valued since the beginning of her career. Her new album Sorry I’m Late , released on May 27, is full of powerful ballads, upbeat girl-power songs, and party tunes that is sure to leave everyone satisfied.