Girls Soccer Team Still Winning…On Hardwood

girls indoor

Following one of the most historic and successful season’s for Latrobe Girls Soccer in 20 years, all the players have done since then is win…still.

After the fall soccer season ends, in the depth of winter, the soccer players’ “indoor season” begins. The girls venture through Western Pennsylvania to play tournaments at indoor facilities.

For six years the girls have been playing indoor soccer together as a team. Some, such as junior Ava Petrosky, have played with current teammates for almost 10 years.

“We’ve grown up around the sport together,” said Petrosky. “The team really turns into our family because we see each other so much every weekend.” With the “family” relationships have, success and chemistry comes naturally with the girls.

This was apparent during the fall when the Greater Latrobe High School girls team made the playoffs for the first time in 20 years. Now they are winning indoor tournaments weekly.

“The team chemistry between the girls is much stronger. Our most successful team has been together for most of the tournaments we’ve played, so we know where they’re going to be on the court and what runs they will make,” said senior Rae Reed. Reed has been helping her dad coach the indoor season, because she suffered an injury that occurred at end of the fall season.

The objective for indoor remains the same – score. But there are a few differences from the outside to the indoor game.

Reed said the speed of play is the main difference. “In indoor it’s more fast paced. You have to be crafty getting around your defender in the space given, mostly a basketball court,” said Reed.

“It’s a smaller space so foot skills are more important along with fast passes and keeping the ball moving,” said Petrosky. “In indoor everyone has to play every position and it doesn’t matter where you are put on either offense or defense. It’s much smaller so you have to do everything.” She said that’s what makes it more interesting as well as fun.

The indoor competition is a little different than the regular season. Senior Emma Kate Womack said, “There is good competition, but normally we don’t play many teams that we do during the fall season.”

The results and improvement the girls had during this fall come from winter, the offseason. Playing indoor helps the players improve their skills and strengthens their relationships with one another.

Reed says that indoor helps the team become closer together as a whole and it keeps our skills in check.

“It makes us better all around players. It’s better to be good at all positions then good at just one position, which I believe helped us in the outdoor season. It keeps your skills fresh through the offseason helps us in season,” said Petrosky.

“We face some decent competition, which is good because it helps us to keep improving,” said senior Allison LaDuke. It is essential for girls to continue to keep it up with Indoor. LaDuke said, “If we would take time off in the winter we would lose our touch. All of us that continue to play in the winter during the off season are more prepared for outdoor.”

The indoor season takes a lot of dedication, every weekend is sacrificed along with one evening during the week the for practice. Their dedication has been apparent winning seven tournaments this winter. “We are a committed team,” Womack said, “We love to play and play together. We put forth the extra effort to be successful.”