Valentine’s Day Encouragement

Girls and boys going through a breakup or just enjoy being a single pringle usually hate Valentine’s Day. It’s understandable to hate a day dedicated to loving your significant other when you, yourself don’t have a significant other. Singletons are known to be sad and unhappy, wishing it to be the next day on V-Day. But, Valentine’s Day isn’t about having a significant other.

Valentine’s Day should be about love. In general, showing everyone in their life. It’s a special day dedicated to making sure that those who are unappreciated feel appreciated. It’s a special day dedicated to making those who feel unloved, loved. It’s a day about starting old or rekindling new friendships or relationships. This day should be a celebration of all love in it’s entirety. The candy and hearts are just a perk.

For those who don’t have a significant other on Valentine’s Day, don’t be sad. Everyone has someone who loves them even if they aren’t dating anyone.They should go tell their mom, dad, sister, brother; grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousin, second cousin twice removed, teacher, friend, best friend, frenemy, or mailman that they love them and appreciate them. Treat them like it’s their birthday. Give them a hug! Tell a random person Happy Valentine’s Day! They should put a smile on their face and share the happiness of Valentine’s Day.Everyone should participate in the giving of cheesy valentines, it’s awesome!

If one is going to be sad on Valentine’s Day, don’t go places you know where couples are going to be (ie the movies, the mall, out at fancy restaurants.) It’ll only ruin your mood even more. A person should call some of their friends over and have a party. Pizza, chips, and ice cream are always acceptable Valentine’s Day food choices.