Student Spotlight: Emily Echard



Emily Echard, as you may see on the broadcasting team for the daily announcements, is successful in ballet, cheer, and academics.

When being a child at a young age, Emily often looked up to her older sister, Elyse. Emily would always go to Elyse’s ballet practices and watch.Emily tried ballet too, and to this day Emily is still involved. “Ballet helped enforce discipline, so at such a young age I was well mannered,” Emily said. As a sophomore Emily was featured in the “Nutcracker” as a dancing role as “Clara”. As a junior, Emily dance a principle role of “The Sugar Plum”.

In Emily’s ninth grade year, she joined the cheer squad. Emily got into cheer because she had no Latrobe spirit wear and she really liked the bows, uniforms, and megaphones. After she got into cheer, she enjoyed being on the squad and worked her way up to being the co captain of the squad. “My advice to the to the sophomores and juniors of the squad is to keep this coach,” said Echard.

Even though Emily is very successful in ballet and cheer, she is also successful in school. Being an National Honor Society Student, she has been elected to be the secretary of the National Honors Society. Emily has also been elected for class treasurer for her sophomore, junior and senior year.

After graduating, Emily is planning on attending Duquesne for college. “My goal by the end of my senior year is to decide on what major I want to take in college. I have a couple in mind, and I’m not quite sure yet,” said Emily.

Because Emily really enjoys both cheer and ballet, she is deciding which one to do in college.”I’ve considered auditioning for the Duquesne Tamburitzans, but I’ve also looked into their cheer squad. I’d have to decide between the two, unfortunately,” said Emily.