Rent, Return, Repeat

family video

It seems like a simple concept, to rent movies, but there are so many services that the public is unaware of that Family Video has to offer when you walk through the door. When I was hired, I learned a lot more about what Family Video has to offer.

So what is Family Video? It is the largest movie and game rental chain in the United States. The unique property-ownership model makes us a different sort of retailer because we buy and develop most of our buildings and land.

Our entrepreneurial spirit is what makes Family Video grow. Recent efforts include opening Marco’s Pizza stores, adjacent to our brick and mortar stores to offer one-stop shopping for dinner and entertainment, sister companies such as ITV-3, a cable television service that uses fiber-to-the-home technology, and StayFit-24, state-of-the-art fitness centers that offer workouts in a clean and safe environment.

“Family” Video? One of our goals is to create a very friendly environment, and more so a family friendly environment. We have a section in the store devoted for families to watch their families called “Family Fun”, where all movies are either G or PG.

How does Family Video compete (Netflix, Redbox, online)? The entire Family Video company had their best months (income) ever in October and November, so the concern with competition isn’t high. Although it is out there. Customers like to come in and physically pick up the advertisement box to see what the movie is about. The customers also can browse the large variety of movies that Netflix or Redbox may not offer.


Specials – Deals? Great ways to save.

  • “2 FOR $1” – We have a section in the store where you can buy any two movies in that section and you get the second movie for FREE, getting two for the price of one.

  • “R3G1” – We have yellow and purple stickers, which is marked on the advertisement case, where you can get three movies that have their stickers and you get the fourth movie for FREE. That is our “RENT 3 GET 1” deal.

  • “BUNDLE” – Another way to save is through our candy special, get any paid rentals and you can get any two popcorns and or boxed candies 2 for $3.

  • “DMRC DISCOUNT MOVIE RENTERS CLUB” – Half off deal where all your rentals are half priced for 30 days. You get the half off when you first sign up with the store but it goes away after 30 days, unless you renew it. As far as renewing your half off, It normally is $10 but it depends on the more rentals you get the lower the half off price drops.

Family Video Company is more than movie rentals (throughout the U.S. and Canada)

  • Family Video stores: 779

  • Marco’s Pizza: 42 (one coming to Latrobe within the next year)

  • 24/7 Stay Fit Fitness Centers: 8

  • LTV3 television: 5880 customers

  • Employees: 7000+


Our Goal: Bring energy and excitement to our customers and satisfy them.


In 1946, Clarence Hoogland started Midstates Appliance & Supply Company. In 1953, Clarence’s son, Charlie Hoogland, took over the company. In the 1970s, Midstates got “stuck” with a large quantity of videos. Charlie’s team got the idea to rent the videos, and in 1978 Family Video was founded.

We are a company made of talented and dedicated people who take pride in a job well done – and like to have fun doing it. Our days are built around four daily goals; to learn, to teach, to WOW and to improve. More than 7,000 people make our team strong and successful as we serve our customers and build this exciting company. We try to bring energy and excitement to the store. No matter what your rank is, from a part timer to manager, we all have a bit of “ownership” in the store. We all have the power to make decisions to make the customer happy, whatever satisfies them. After Blockbuster got completely wiped out of the United States. Family Video is the only movie / game rental store remaining in the U.S. We tend to only expand and be successful for a long time to come.

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