Frozen: Not Your Average Disney Movie

Disney movies are known for their themes of love conquering all and needing a significant other to succeed in life: Sappy love stories of princes whisking princesses off of their feet; a hero saving a damsel in distress; the oh-so-famous true love’s kiss awakening the princess under a spell; the big man saving the little princess from the big bad monster; and a princess changing herself so her prince will love her. Cliches make girls (Yes, I am one of them) swoon over and want a relationship where you can be beared away from your troubles. Frozen, another Disney movie, mutes the cliches and shows how family wins over being in love with an individual.

In Frozen, Princess Anna falls head over heels for a Prince that she literally just met the day of her sister, Queen Elsa’s, coronation. Prince Hans saves Princess Anna from being left unnoticed in her Kingdom, but things take a turn for the worse.

Kristoff, an adorable mountain man with an equally adorable reindeer named Sven, falls for Anna throughout the adventure to locate Elsa, but remains unnoticed.

Upon locating Elsa, Anna gets “shot to the heart” accidentally by her sister, which freezes on contact. She can only have her heart melted by an act of true love. Prince Hans turns out to be…SPOILER ALERT..a bad guy and tries to take over the kingdom. (Epic screams from audience.) This isn’t in the Disney handbook! He hasn’t saved her from anything! He actually leaves her to die and tricks her sister (Queen Elsa) into thinking that she killed Anna. Naughty, Prince Hans.

You think that Kristoff is going to be Anna’s knight in shining armor in the end. Elsa, her family member, reverses the curse on their kingdom and saves her little sister with an act of unconditional love!

The warm hug between Elsa and “frozen” Anna returns the kingdom of Arendelle back to it’s summery state and unfreezes Anna. The Disney message is about not necessarily needing a boyfriend or girlfriend to save you. Your family is more important, and true love doesn’t have to come from a significant other. Disney has yet again created a masterpiece, with a warm heart.