What are you most looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday? Why?

“Looking forward to Seahawks Sherman kicking some butt! Char Cole, Senior

“I’m looking forward to seeing the commercials, and the Broncos win.” Dylan Christoff, Senior

“To see the Seahawks absolutely destroy the Broncos, because the Seahawks are the better team.” Kenny Paredes, Senior

“I’m looking forward to seeing Peyton Manning win the Super Bowl in his little Bro’s house.” Drew Palmer, Sophomore

“I’m looking forward to the game because its the best teams in the two conference and its going to be a really good game and the Dorito commercials are really funny.” Brady Smith, Sophomore

“I want to see a really close game I would also want to find out how cold it will be. I also am interested to see the commercials.” Travis Weller, Sophomore

“Sherman’s interview after he (“Best in the NFL”) loose to the Broncos.” Chase Nemcheck, Sophomore

“Seeing Richard Sherman cry after his Seahawks loose.” Drew Camarote, Senior

“Watching Peyton Manning Show Richard Sherman who’s boss.” James Holtzer, Sophomore

“Peyton Manning throwing the winning touchdown and Richard Sherman cry like a baby.” Patrick Daniels, Junior

“Watching the Seahawks win, seeing Sherman go crazy after they win.” Bob Hensel, Sophomore