Kendall Schmidt in Pittsburgh, PA.

In 2013, it is hard to find devoted, and honest artists. Some are too self absorbed and others are apathetic. To some, it’s all about money and not their fans. Others are out to “be different”, but stray from being a good role model.

Third row and this man.
Third row and this man.

Kendall Schmidt isn’t like the rest. Born to Kathy and Kent Schmidt, Kendall was raised in a small town in Kansas. At a young age, he was taught to be a good person, just like every other kid (and young celebrity). He chose to live the life of an actor at a young age, starring in commercials, and later having cameos on popular tv shows such as CSI, ER, Ghost Whisperer, and Without a Trace.

In 2009, his big break came by being casted as Kendall Knight on a Nickelodeon show called Big Time Rush. For four years, he sang and danced his way into children and teen’s hearts across America.
Carlos Pena, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, and Schmidt have toured with Big Time Rush in almost every city America and continent in those four short years. Now in 2013, the show has ended and he and Big Time Rush are currently on hiatus until 2014.

Schmidt has been a role model in the eyes of teens and children for over five years. He hasn’t been caught with anything that could shame his name, he participates in charity events, and more importantly, he doesn’t make himself look bad. This means no drunk tweets, promotion of organic eating, and constantly reminding his fans how much he loves them and is there for them. He acts like a mature (okay, not really mature considering he’s a big kid at heart, but mature for a 23 year old) adult.

As of October, Schmidt decided to go on a 21 date acoustic tour with his best friend, Dustin Belt as Heffron Drive. Schmidt was excited to get back on the road after Big Time Rush’s hiatus. Acoustic shows are more intimate than huge-filled arenas. The artist is basically ground level with their fans, with little security. Acoustic shows have a somewhat calmer vibe about them due to the fact that fewer attend. The ticket prices for general admission and meet and greet are less in comparison to a a floor seat in Consol Energy Center. Kendall and Dustin have opted for fans to be able to have a meet and greet and audience at their soundcheck before the show.


On Saturday, December 7, 2013, I had the opportunity to experience Kendall’s kindness and honesty in person. I had purchased VIP tickets to Heffron Drive’s Altar Bar show with my two friends. During the meet and greet, he calmed down crying fans, gave a genuine smile, posed for every picture, signed as many things that his fans gave him, and laughed at the many cheesy pick up lines that fired his way. During soundcheck, he cheered for everyone to give a hug to a crying fan since he couldn’t do so. I was told by a few fans how he had helped them through their depression. He had also “yelled” at a girl that called him sassy by replying that “He wasn’t sassy, but in fact she was sassy.” Kendall is far from his cookie cutter pop alter ego on Big Time Rush. He is genuinely funny, sarcastic, and outgoing. He also honestly answered fans questions about everything from his pet pigs, Yuma and Sissy, destroying his couch to what shower gels and soaps he uses. All in all, Kendall and Dustin are one heck of a band. They bring all of their cards to the table and more. Their show was one of the better ones I’ve been to in a while. If you have a chance to get out there and see him, I suggest you do.